Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Waiting on Ruby

Labor Day was not actually Labor Day for me. I stayed home from the ranch trip in case of early labor which did not happen. But we loved being up the canyon with the Petersons.

Knowing my days with Rhett as my one and only are coming to an end. Sad and excited all at once.

Clara and Rhett, best buds from Houston!

Getting big! 

Enjoying the late summer weather and attempting to bike at 37 weeks pregnant

BYU game

 A very LATE Byu game. 

Ready to meet Ruby! Nursery prep done.

Cute baby gift from Rachel

Big belly looking at the finished baby quilt!

BJ, Amanda, and Coop came in town the week Ruby was born. We kept thinking I wouldn't be at the next activity, but I kept showing up with my big belly!

Grandma took us to the aquarium

and the zoo

all the Petersons out to dinner! Ruby is now over due!

 Bigger than the bowling ball!

Pedicures with Minds before Women's Conference

and dinner after with all the ladies. Ruby let me go to lots of parties before she made her debut!

Last night as a family of three. I was going in to be induced the next day since Ruby was almost a week over due! We had a sleepover and movie party in our bed.

This little boy is my whole world. I can't wait to watch him become a big brother but will miss all of our one on one time. 

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