Friday, October 19, 2012

Wedding Bells

Playing catch up here with this post. My little brother got married this past August to his beautiful high school sweetheart. Is there anything better than a wedding? I love seeing two people make the best decision of their lives and how happy they are together. These two are amazing! They are the sweetest, most talented, most giving, best looking people who are ready to take on the world together.

I just love the lead up to the wedding too. Three or four days before the wedding, most of the family is in town and everyone is focusing on getting stuff ready for the reception or wedding dinner. We got to meet Addie's sweet new baby boy, Robby. That makes three baby boys within 4 months of each other in our family!

We went to a fun play with the Petersons and loved being with them! I wish Rhett could see them more often, and not just over Skype! One day...

The wedding dinner was in our backyard and, of course, my mom did an incredible job with all of the decorations and flowers. It was a beautiful night and we loved hearing about Kev and Rachel's lives. 

The sealing in the Salt Lake Temple was perfect and so awesome. Kev and Rachel looked beautiful together and were so happy. The reception was gorgeous in the Reese's backyard and it was so fun to see lots of friends and family there.

The future family of Kevin and Rachel...

Just love weddings! 

After the wedding, we went to our ranch to relax and just enjoy some family time together. Mitch of course had to go back to school, but I stayed a few more days while he studied for his surgery exam. I was sad he had to miss Rhett's first trip to the ranch. He loved the horses and cows and hay and just being outside! I loved showing him one of my favorite places on earth.


  1. kels i always love seeing all of your pictures..cutest family and so fun to see glimpses of brades & minds {and little tagg} too! we were sad to miss that wedding but it looked gorgeous, no surprise! love all these pictures! xo

  2. Your mom did such a good job decorating for your brother's wedding dinner! I'm so glad you were able to go home and spend time with your family. We sure miss you guys! Hope all is well :0)

  3. Those three little boys are going to have so much fun when they get together! That looked like an amazing wedding dinner. Spending time with family is the best time of all.

  4. I am obsessed with those pictures of Rhett at the ranch. He is a cowboy stud! Looking at this makes me realize how long it has been since I've seen you. (And daily skype does not count)

  5. pics of the ranch....amazing and so so cute!
    pics of you guys at home with family ...... so cute!!!
    congrats to Kev!!
    xoxoxox -longhursts