Tuesday, October 30, 2012

6 Months

Half a year done and gone. Time flies, even faster with a baby. My sister told me a sad fact that made me realize how little time we have with our kids. You only have 18 summers before they're gone. Now I only have 17 with my little Rhett. I've learned it's more about moments than minutes. I don't think I'll ever regret spending too much time snuggling Rhett or taking too many naps with him, but I might look back and wish I hadn't been so worried about getting everything done.

Being a mom can be challenging sometimes because your work is never done. You can't turn in a paper, finish a project, take a final, or get a paycheck to measure your success. But your reward is so much better. There is nothing better than watching Rhett get so excited for me to come get him in the morning, or getting a good belly laugh from tickling him, or getting a slobbery kiss. I couldn't ask for a better job than being a mom.

6 months...

First time...
  • Eating solids!
  • Sitting up alone
  • Getting bundled up from the cold
  • Going for a jog (yay for jogging strollers!)
  • Putting yourself to sleep at night
  • In a Halloween costume
Things you LOVE...
  • Dropping things on the floor
  • People
  • Watching little kids
  • Screaming like a firecracker
  • Applesauce mixed with oatmeal
  • Grabbing and pulling everything
  • Drinking water
  • Playing in the sink
  • The shower head 
  • Dumping things out
  • Saying da da, ba ba
  • Dancing with mom
  • Playing "Where's Rhett?"
Things we LOVE about you...
  • your belly laughs
  • your top teeth coming in
  • how outgoing you are
Things you DON'T like...
  • Getting something taken away
Clothes you've grown out of...

We love you Rhett!

You were pretty interested in General Conference...for a few minutes.

Dad loves coming home to play with you. Some of your favorites are choo choo train, dress-up, beat box eating, and flying around. 

You love being with other people! You have lots of friends your age from our walking and playgroup.


  1. he is so darling!! 18 summers seems quick but they will just get more and more fun..love your cute updates, he'll love reading those later! happy halloween!!! XO

  2. the last picture is my favorite! six months went by so quick Kelsie. Miss you!

  3. TOO CUTE Kelsie! I can tell you are such an incredible mom! What a beautiful little boy Rhett is. I love keeping tabs on you via this blog!

  4. Hello handsome! I'm glad he is loving oatmeal with applesauce. That was one of Louise's favorites too. Your play/walk group sounds so fun. Can't wait for a play date when I see you next!!

  5. I never thought about only having 18 summers. I got a little catch in my heart when you said you only had 17 left with Rhett. But the time really does fly past. I'm so happy you're enjoying every moment with your cutie pie.

  6. Kelsie I love your posts! Its so nice hearing how it is being a mom. You seem to LOVE it! Rhett is adorable, and keep the pictures coming! I want to meet him at Christmas time if you are in town!!

  7. He has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen!!! I can't wait to kiss those cheeks. Love you guys

  8. Oh my heck. He is so adorable! I honestly can't believe he is six months already! I need to meet this boy! <3