Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Farewell Party for the Robkers

We lost some of our best friends to a certain med school in Las Vegas. We were so sad to see the Robkers leave but are excited for their new adventures!

The Ences threw a fun goodbye party for them and we all had a blast!

Some of our finest shining moments with the Robkers...

Galveston Beach, rain or shine

Rodeo Houston

Amy went to so much work for my baby shower...

They helped us with our nursery projects...even the hard ones

And many more game nights, camping trips, tennis outings, dinners, and free movies with them. We'll miss you guys!! 

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  1. Some of our best friends are the ones we were with in grad school. These guys are keepers! Love the pix of Rhett hangin' with the guys at the pool.