Saturday, July 21, 2012

3 Months

The time is flying by and my baby's not such a baby anymore. He is bigger than most 6 month old girls we meet and fits into most 6 month clothes. Who would've thought after his first three weeks looking like a starving baby?

Rhett you are getting cuter and more fun each day. I feel like you learn a new trick daily. Here's what you've been up to the past month:

  • First airplane ride (the way there was bad, the way back you were an angel)
  • First trip to Utah, our favorite place to be. 
  • First time meeting your cousins Rex, Richard, Eve, and Tagg (second time with Luke)
  • First time meeting lots of your aunts and uncles, your Great Grandparents, and lots of other family. 
  • First laugh that melted my heart (I knew Bomps could get it out of you)
  • First time rolling over!!!
  • First time in your jumper
  • First time sleeping for 8 hours straight!! I woke up at least twice to make sure you were breathing. And as weird as it might be I missed our little middle of the night snuggling time. I didn't have to miss it for too long's back

New things you LOVE
  • Cuddling with your Hedgie, Maisy the cow, and your monkey. I love watching you interact with your toys 
  • Grabbing for your keys and other rings
  • Talking all day long to whoever or whatever will listen 
  • Staring down your mobile
  • Watching whoever that cute little baby is in the mirror who copies everything you do
  • Standing on our laps
  • Chewing on blankies
  • Sucking on your hands
  • Holding your hands together
  • Tummy Time

Things you STILL don't like
  • Driving in the car
  • Being claustrophobic-  you hate nursing under a cover
  • Sun in your eyes

Things we LOVE about you:
  • Your laugh
  • Your beautiful blue eyes
  • How pure and sweet you are
  • Your coos, squeals, babbles, sighs
  • You're curious about everything
  • When you cuddle (only when you're tired now)

Clothes you've grown out of:

Happy 3 months Rhett!! We love you!!

How many ways can you stuff your hands in your mouth??


  1. So so cute! He is such a handsome boy!

  2. I love your idea of taking a photo of the clothes he grows out of. He is darling. And I can't imagine him looking bigger than 6 month olds. Tell him he can only grow in utah so we can watch!

  3. I can't get enough of this cutie pie! I loved the picture with his feet and your feet. It was almost like poetry, if you can say that about a picture. Happy 3 months darling Rhett!

  4. What a cutie Rhett is! I love the pictures in his chevron onsie. I also love your idea of taking pictures of clothes he doesn't fit into.

  5. Oh how I love this boy! He is so amazingly handsome! I can't wait to meet this little guy!