Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memories with the Memphis Crew

My brother and his wife and little one year old son came to visit over Memorial Day weekend. We were so excited for them to come and stay for a week but it just went too fast and now they're gone...We had so much fun together and they were so helpful cooking and cleaning and holding Rhett. I swear every time I sat down to feed Rhett, Johanna was handing me a glass of water and a snack. She is so sweet. Rhett loved his cousin Luke and aunt and uncle Tal and Johanna.

Luke was fascinated with Rhett and tried to get him to play with him. Rhett did his best.

Luke wanted to play Pirates but Rhett wasn't feelin it. 

We had a yummy bbq by the beach and Luke loved the swimming pool! After we were done with the grill, someone grilled some verrrry fresh crab. One almost got away!

We went to the zoo which was so fun and actually really pretty. This picture of Mitch and Tal reminds me of the new movie "What to Expect when you're Expecting." ha ha. All Star Dads. 

Luke is the cutest little boy and so much fun. I wish we could hang out every day! He loves gnawing on oranges- even the peel.

Rhett slept most of the time and woke up very hungry at the very end. He did get to see the grizzly bear though. Pretty scary. 

 Rhett: "I'm so hungry, it smells bad here, and all these animals look like they want to eat me!"
Luke: "They're all in cages bud. Don't sweat it."

Our last adventure was heading down to the beach. Rhett is already a little beach bum. He's spent like 1/4 of all his Saturdays there. We're a little worried.

We rented a little 4 man bike and rode all along the boardwalk till our legs were sore, Rhett had had it, and Luke was falling asleep. We had a ball!

Best buds! Ignore Mitch's hand forcing Luke to put his arm around Rhett. 

Thanks Tal and Johanna for such a fun week! We miss you!!


  1. LOL!!! I loved your photos and commentary. We had such a wonderful visit! Thanks for being up for anything. I've never seen anyone nurse while riding a bike. I think you set a world record. We enjoyed seeing you so much we keep saying "10 hrs is nothing!" We're coming every weekend :)
    Love you!

  2. So much fun to have family come!

  3. What a fun time! I loved the baby commentary when Rhett is crying and Luke is calming him down. Hilarious. Love you and cant wait till all of you come visit here!

  4. What a blast! I can't believe how much bigger Rhett looks, and Luke IS adorable. Oh my! What fun they will have as they years go by.