Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yay for Baby Boys!

Snips and Snails and Puppy dog tails, that's what little boys are made of.

It seems like almost everyone that I know that is pregnant right now is having a boy. My sister in law and one of my best friends, Courtney, just had baby boys last week, and we threw a baby shower for another one of my best friends, Mariah, last Friday.

Heather and I were in charge of food, and of course we decided to just do desserts cause what's better than that? Heather researched and experimented and planned until she found just the right recipe and look for the cupcakes which turned out amazing because of all of her preparation! We had so much fun getting everything ready for the shower!

I got to make the mini cheesecakes which were actually really fun to make. I thought for sure I would ruin them but they turned out yummy! And they're so small you can eat 1 or 2 or 12 of em and not feel bad.

 Maiah's cute visiting teachers hosted the shower. They are all three pregnant and due within a couple of months of each other.

So one of my favorite parts of the shower was the craft! Rachel and Angie, who hosted the shower, cut out 26 little blocks and got paint so we could make a set of blocks for Mariah's baby. It was so much fun! We got way too into it though and could have stayed all night painting. You put girls, crafts, and chatting all together and we're happy.

I'm grateful for such cute friends down here in Houston and am so excited for Mariah and all of my other friends who are pregnant or just had a baby!


  1. I agree- yay for baby boys. :) And SO TRUE- I hardly know anyone having a girl! I wish I was hosting a baby shower because that painting blocks idea is so cute!

  2. I found your blog! I was so sad that I had to miss the shower, especially because the food looks like it was delicious!

    Have fun in Korea. We'll miss you guys this summer!

  3. You guys are the B-E-S-T! :-) I hope you are having sososo much fun right now. I can't wait until you are home so we can play!