Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Girl's Trip, Valentine's Day

 Girl's Trip 2011. Shopping, crafting, eating desserts, chatting, relaxing, laughing. We had so much fun on our girl's trip to St. George! Yes, I did go back home to Utah only a month after I got back from Christmas break. I felt very spoiled but it was the only time that all the girls could get together. I left Mitch alone to study for his major upcoming tests for 5 days and got to spend some quality time with the girls. I was sad I didn't get to see my dad, brothers, nephews, for very long, or the Petersons at all because it was such a short trip.

We each brought our favorite things to share and Mindy's favorite thing was crafting. We started making Christmas advent calendars which was a blast and kept us very busy. We didn't get finished, but we made some definite progress.

I brought my fondue pot from Houston and shared my favorite dessert, chocolate fondue!

We went walking around town and the weather was so nice! 

One of my favorite parts about the girl's trip was spending so much time with my cutest little niece, Eve. She is the sweetest girl! She seriously did not have one melt down or anything and we did a lot of driving! She just loved being with all the girls. I don't think that cute smile was ever off her face.

I loved spending time with all the girls and miss seeing them everyday. I'm so grateful for how much they do for me and how much I learn by watching the way they live their lives.They are such great moms, wives, sisters, and friends. I love them!

We got back from St. George just in time for our traditional family Valentine's Day party at my aunt Angie's house. Mitch and I miss out on a lot of these Wagstaff family get togethers so it was good to make it to one of them and see everyone.

    All of the little kids passed out Valentine's to each other. It was a mad house!

                 This is just classic Richard. Won't even stop for a second to smile for a picture.

I made sure to be home on Valentine's Day because how sad would it be to be without your Valentine? We went to the yummiest restaurant we have ever been to- Ruth's Chris. We got a gift card there for Christmas and thought it would be fun to go there for Valentine's Day. We got all dressed up and tried to look like we fit in at such a nice place. We were one of the first couples there so we had like 5 or 6 waiters waiting on our hand and foot. I think it's the first place we've been to that could keep Mitch's water glass filled the whole night. We both thought it was amazing food and such a fun place to be on Valentine's Day.

It was our third Valentine's Day together and I think it just keeps getting better and better! I love Mitch and am so proud of him for doing so great in medical school. We are learning so much together here in Houston and are so grateful for our marriage. Life is so good when you love who you're in it with

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