Friday, February 4, 2011

Christmas Break part 2

Week 2...

The second week of our break felt a little more relaxing after Christmas and all the crazy running back and forth from my house to Mitch's house.

We had a baby shower for one of my friends from high school, Courtney, who is having a baby boy in April! She lives up in Minnesota where it is even colder than Utah (hard to imagine) and is teaching AP Statistics...while being pregnant! She's amazing. We had it at my cousin Emily's (who got married a few months ago) cute new apartment. It's so crazy to see all of my friends grow up and get married and start families and go to grad school and all that other fun stuff. It's great to be able to stop for a few minutes and catch up with them all. They are all amazing girls doing such great things with their lives.We had a little brunch and I was being a little annoying with my new camera I got for Christmas so I think I documented just about every moment...sorry girls!

                      Thanks Ems for hosting the fun get together! Love ya Court!

After staying inside for days to stay out of the cold and snow, we decided to get out and go for a bide ride on a "warmer" day. Mitch, me, Kirstin, and Cory headed out all bundled up (besides Cory) for a ride around the neighborhood. We ended up stopping at the Peterson's old house and Mitch and Cory told some pretty hilarious stories about growing up there for an hour. Just kidding probably not that long but long enough for Kirstin to freeze solid and for it to start snowing again. We headed back on our bikes with Cory on his long board. Not the most likely activity on a December afternoon in Utah but ended up being very memorable.

 We went down to St. George with my family for the last part of our trip and it was so nice to have everyone stuck together in the same place for three days. It was so much fun even though it wasn't much warmer that Salt Lake. The little boys loved the St. George house so much that when they pulled into their house in Salt Lake City, they started bawling and wouldn't get out of the car because they wanted to go back to the St. George house.

I think the boys loved it so much because they had about 10 other people to entertain them all day long. Minds and I love having a niece in the family so we don't have to get shut down every time our nephews see us and immediately ask "where's Brady, or where's Mitch?" Well I guess we'll have to wait till Eve can talk, then we'll see who she's asking for.

 This little crazy boy was on his way out the door to the pool when his dad told him he had to have shoes on so he just put on the closest ones he could find which happened to be Mitch's size 13's. He was dead serious trying to walk out the door in those huge things.

There were some pretty competitive Monopoly Deal games going down and I'm pretty sure I won most of them. But I can't remember now.

And of course, we had some yummy meals, thanks to my mom.

 She had a few helpers...

We also celebrated Tally's birthday down in St. George. He is such a wonderful brother, husband, son, and soon to be dad! We all love him and Johanna so much and feel so grateful to have them in our family. Tal is creative, hilarious, kind, generous, thoughtful, and just fun to be around.

Happy New Year's!! We brought in the New Year's with style...

                                        Ronnie trying out the good old Martinelli's.

The next morning, we went for a little hike/treasure hunt for the little boys that my mom put together. They loved hiking around the rocks by our place.

It was hard to leave our families after such a fun trip, but we got back into school and work and our lives here and we love it! We are just so blessed to have such amazing family!

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  1. Wow, I can't believe how much you guys were able to do in just a couple weeks!! Fun!