Monday, January 22, 2018

Eliza is 1!

I can't believe my baby is 1! Oh how we love our Lizey baby. 

Eliza loves edamame, any berries, yogurt, cheese, noodles, fruit snacks, and any candy. I mean she really really likes candy. I think it's because her birthday is the day before Halloween. 

She loves babies, hats, saying bye bye, reading books, bath time, playing anything with Rhett and Ruby, Tilley, her daddy, and her mama. She is such a character and keeps us laughing whether she's shaking her head no to walk or get out of the bath tub, making faces on the phone, or teasing her brother or sister. 

Eliza loves to make messes. She loves coloring on the ground, table, or on her feet or hands. She loves pulling ALL of Ruby's jammies out of her drawer. She loves pulling out the Tupperware and lids or pots and pans. She can unload a dishwasher in no time. It's a good thing she can't walk yet!

I can already tell she is independent and stubborn. She does not want to walk with our hands. She wants to do it on her own! I've never seen a baby learn how to walk like her. She stands up by herself, then takes one step with one foot, then another with the same foot, then falls down. I think she has no incentive to learn to walk! She's such a quick crawler and every time she tries to walk, she gets swarmed by either Tilley, Ruby or Rhett.

As of 15 months, she is still not walking! But is starting to talk a lot! She says mama, dada, Ruby, baby, pizza, cheese, please, thank you, puppy, bye bye, uh oh, hi, book, ball, go, and probably lots of others I'm forgetting. 

We gave her a little pink Mini Cooper for her birthday and I think its the best birthday gift I've ever given to one of my kids. She LOVES riding in that thing. And Ruby and Rhett love pushing it so it's like I gave all of them a present!

We took Eliza to the toy store to pick out a baby doll and then to lunch with Mitch before he headed to work. We ran out of time and had to settle for Wendy's instead of the traditional Chick-Fil-A for the first bday lunch.

I don't think Eliza minded. 

After Mitch went to work and the girls had naps, we headed to Wheeler Farm. Eliza loved playing on the playground with Ruby and Rhett and loved seeing all the animals. We ended the day at Sweet Tooth Fairy and picked out a little cupcake for Eliza. It was the perfect way to spend her birthday. 

Eliza at her 1 year check up. 

Eliza's birthday party with the whole family! So fun to celebrate with so many people who love Eliza!

Our little pumpkin!

We had to do the Korean activity for the first birthday- put them in a circle surrounded by a bunch of different objects and see what they crawl to. Eliza chose medicine like her daddy! (Or at least a toy stethoscope.)

We love Eliza! We are so blessed to have her in our family. 

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