Saturday, May 24, 2014


We moved just in time for Natalie's graduation.

And just in time to enjoy Utah's summer! Much better than Houston's summer. Whew!

Lagoon with the Petersons...

Planting time in the garden..

Lots of boating

Putting up the basketball net was one of Mitch's first requirements 

Nothing like a short summer cut

Cousin time with Coop!

Lots of dinners on the back patio- Rhett loves eating outside.

Lots of summer birthday parties

Taking care of the garden

Can't beat being up the canyon in the summer!

We were sad to send Daddy off to residency. 

But happy to be with family in St. George...

Rhett did not like me being in the water. He screamed the whole time until I got back in the boat and then made me snuggle in a towel. My little protector. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Moving Home

I knew I would be sad leaving home to move to Houston. What I didn't know is how sad I would be to leave Houston to go back home.

Packing up Rhett's nursery was the worst. So many memories just packed up tight in a box. There is nothing sadder than an empty  house. 

My cute neighbor came and helped me clean and pack up. Her little boy is one of Rhett's best buddies!

We had a quick goodbye party before we took off. I was glad to get to say goodbye to everyone,  but it made it that much harder to leave.

It was really hard for Rhett to see all of his toys and books packed up. And the one that made him really mad was the coffee table where he played with his toys all day. He screamed and cried when the boys took it to the moving truck. It broke my heart to hear him cry as he said "bye bye house" to our first little home as a family. 

I think I bawled for the first 30 minutes of the drive home. And kept tearing up along the way.

Rhett was a champ on the 24 plus hour drive home and my mom and dad were saints to drive the moving truck back through miles and miles of nothing.

 We were all glad to see the Utah state line!

Kev was there to welcome us and gave Rhett a tour around his new house! Rhett couldn't believe all the open space to run and play!

 A welcome home hug from best buddy Tagg. At Cafe Rio, of course.

The entertainment crew for Rhett and the moving crew for us. We couldn't be luckier when it comes to our families. They are the best and helped us so much!

We are happy to be in Utah again! Especially with a backyard that looks like this,

and a front yard that looks like this. We are feeling pretty lucky!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Med school grad!

This handsome boy graduated from Baylor med school! I am so proud of him for all of his hard work. He graduated with honors and almost every award possible- AOA, and a service award as well. He got a random scholarship that was a surprise to all of us and they later sent a check for 500$ in the mail! It was a great surprise.

My parents came down for graduation and to help us move. But first, we showed them around Austin! We ate at Torchy's Tacos-they would have been happy eating there the rest of the trip.

Hiked Mt. Bonell overlooking Lake Travis

We biked around Lady Bird Lake with a sleeping Rhett in the trailer. It was a beautiful ride, taken a little bit too long. We ended up riding back in the pouring rain- which was a total surprise!


 My mom loves flowers so we checked out the Lady Johnson wildflower center. It was beautiful!

We ate some yummy Texas bbq right on Lake Austin. Such a pretty atmosphere. 

Mitch's parents came into town and we all partied together for the next couple of days!

We took our parents to see the gators down at Brazo's Bend and lucked out with overcast cool weather. 

We went to a baseball game in Sugarland and got rained and poured on and they even issued a tornado warning while we were there. Just our luck with rain.

Graduation was perfect! I couldn't believe the day had finally come. 4 years goes so quickly!

We went to lunch before the ceremony at Benjy's- so yummy!

So proud of this handsome grad! Dr. Peterson...

I'm so grateful Mitch made med school such a great experience for our family!