Saturday, July 13, 2013

Houston is Home

I've been in Utah a lot this year and sometimes I forget where I live. After 5 weeks in one place, it kind of seems like you live there. As much as I love being home in Utah with my family, I live in Houston. And Houston is great! We have so many wonderful friends here and fun things to do! Mitch makes fun of me that most of my posts are about trips to Utah, so here is a totally Houston post. (More Utah posts are coming.)

Mother's Day was perfect. I got to spend all day with my little man. I hope he always stays a mama's boy. 

He is such a goof ball and I can't get enough of his charm.

We love making it down to Galveston for beach days. Rhett is in heaven there! Especially when there are girls to play with!

He was loving all the seaweed and mud of course.

For one of our playgroups, we took mom and baby pics at Hermann Park. Such a fun idea.

Can't get enough of this little guy. He grows way too fast! I'm so grateful to live in such a great place and have such fun adventures together in Houston. 

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  1. Houston is a lovely place to live. Now that I've been to visit so many times, it makes me happy to know I was born there.