Tuesday, September 11, 2012

4 Months

Rhett keeps getting more and more fun. We feel torn between being excited about him growing up and how much fun he is and being sad about him growing up too fast. 

Things you LOVE:

  • Flying around with Dad
  • Playing with your cousins, holding hands with Luke
  • Water bottles
  • Sitting sideways
  • Putting your hands in mom's mouth
  • Swimming
  • Doing your high pitched squeals
  • Animal noises
  • Books
  • Sleeping in our big bed
  • Colorful pictures
  • Dad's stack of med school books
  • When Daddy gets home
  • Rolling onto your tummy
  • The mirror in your car

 This shows just how much he loves water bottles. You'd think he'd be snugglin' that monkey, but he chose the water bottle instead. 

Clothes you've grown out of....sooooo many! I can't keep up with you. But that's ok cause I happen to love shopping for you. 

Things you DON'T like:
  • Getting stuck on your tummy and forgetting how to roll back
  • Being bored
I think the first thing people notice is how blue your eyes are, and then how chunky you are. I love it! You are almost 20 pounds and I get my workout in just by carrying your carseat around. You are such a happy baby and keep me and your dad laughing and smiling all day long!

This one he is kind of smushed but I love his face...

Just wanted a good view of the chubs.

And we're done with that sad face.

Happy (late) 4 months Rhett!! We love you!


  1. Kelsie! I can't believe how big Rhett is getting. He is such a little chunk. I absolutely love it. I wish I could see him in person. We just found out we're having a baby girl due March 4th. I'm sure I'll be calling you for advice because you're such a good mom. Anyway, we miss you guys and hope you're doing well!

  2. He is SO cute and looks SO much older! And I love his BYU onesie!

  3. i love his eyes so much! and chubby babies are the happiest so that's a good thing :)

  4. He does have the bluest eyes! He's adorable Kelsie.

  5. Just when I think he can't get any cuter!! I just want to kiss those darling cheeks! It just gets better and better. Enjoy!

  6. what a cutie. he is so beautiful! miss you lots and lots!