Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh baby showers!

       About a month ago, I flew home to see my little brother Kevin come home from his mission in Mexico. While I was there, my family threw me a baby shower. I had to take off a couple days of school and when I got back, I was telling my 4 and 5 year old kids that everyone had loved their artwork at the baby shower. (My mom sent me these cute little pendants for them to draw a picture of my baby and me and made a banner out of it.) Two of the little girls in my class looked confused and asked, "Well where's the baby?" Now I was confused so I pointed to my belly and said can't you tell he's still in my tummy? One of the girls asked, "Well then how did you give the baby a shower?" ha ha

 I remember wondering why they called it a shower too if no one gets wet. After having a couple of baby showers for our little man, I understand that it means you are showered with gifts and love!

My wonderful baby showers started in December with a shower from my cute friends from home. It was so fun just to get together with them! I am so grateful I was able to grow up with such wonderful friends.

                                   My little niece loved meeting Martha's sweet baby girl, Louise.

                                                     The baby vocab/candy bar matching game

                                                                     Such cute clothes!!!

          My cute friend Dani made a true sacrifice by making me a Byu onesie. She is a die hard Ute! :)

                                                        My mom gave me a cute little puppy...

                                          The whole crew. Such beautiful girls inside and ou

The next baby shower was the Wagstaff family shower at home. It was so cute! Once again I just felt so spoiled and felt like I couldn't say thanks enough.

Mitch's mom and sister

All the fun decorations....It was a teacher/school theme...

The banner that my kids made me. 

 The next baby shower was a brilliant one planned by my mother in law Lisa. A Skype shower! She had everyone send their gifts to us in Houston and then we were able to open the gifts in front of the Petersons. Lisa had her house decorated so cute and we even had the same snacks (my favorites right now: Greek yogurt, string cheese, popsicles, and chocolates.) It was nice to be able to see everyone and say thanks in person for such wonderful gifts. I am so sad I didn't have Mitch take any pictures to document the shower over Skype. I totally forgot! 

The last shower was thrown by my friends down here in Houston. They went to so much work even though they are so busy. I am so grateful for such amazing friends who have become my family down here. The theme was "Little Man." They are all so creative and crafty...

We played a fun game where everyone guessed how big my belly was with yarn...it's always fun to see how big people think you are. :)

We're all guessing what could be in those mystery bags hanging up in the window. There was a baby item in each one. They turned out to be... O: orajel, H: hat, B: bibs, O: onesie, Y: yellow ducky.

Emily is in the same med school class as Mitch and she got me these cute little doctor scrubs!

Thank you everyone for all the work you went to and for helping me get ready to welcome our Little Man in less than three weeks!


  1. Kelsie! I love all the pics. I'm so glad you were able to go home and visit one last time before the baby comes. I'm sad I couldn't be there for any of your baby showers but it looked like they all turned out so cute! I hope the last three weeks go well. Miss you guys!

  2. Kelsie! I seriously am having my own countdown for your little guy! I am so thrilled for you. And feeling like I should photoshop myself into your shower pictures. hahaha. I so wish I could have been there. I love and miss you!

    1. I know you should be in all of those pictures Mariah! I miss you too and love seeing your little boy grow up even if it is just through pictures...

  3. oh so cute, Kels! He is going to be one handsome boy in all those cute clothes. What fun showers. Your Texas shower looked amazing! What sweet girls.

  4. wahoo! Kels.... the nursery is darling! I seriously love it! So fun to see. I am so excited for you I can't stand it. Yay... keep us up to date and can't wait to see pictures of this handsome little man!