Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back to Business

Summer. Why does it have to go by so fast? I feel like I blinked and the summer was over. It was so fun to be with family for 6 whole weeks! We were running around those six weeks trying to fit in as much as we could. But we also took time to slow down and just be lazy and enjoy the beautiful Utah summer nights that we miss so much down here in Houston where it's 100 degrees and 120 % humidity.

Here are some things that I miss...

1. Being with family
2. Going up to the mountains with family
3. Going to Cafe Rio with family
4. Staying up late laughing with family
5. Talking face to face (not over Skype) with family
6. Catching up with good friends (more family)
7. St. George with family
8. Rex, Richard, Luke, and Eve (my niece and nephews)
9. Working out with my sisters
10. FAMILY!!!

It is hard to leave such wonderful people, but we are back into the swing of things down here in Houston.

Here are some pictures of our wonderful Utah summer break....

Father's Day! My cute Grandpa and Grandma Smith

Our Father's Day gift....a daddy daughter date!
Nats and I had a grand old time taking care of Rex, Richard, and Eve for a night. We had our hands full!
We went to Noodles & Company where Eve ate more than all of us, went to the park and fed the ducks, and tried to go down to sleep.

We were having lots of fun playing...until they found the water to play in. We looked like the worst babysitters in the world.
I was so happy to be able to make it to Luke's blessing! It was such a beautiful day and he is the sweetest little boy!
Looks like someone's ready to have kids....
We went on our daddy daughter date....I almost beat my dad.
And then finally, Mitch made it into town, all done with his first year of Med School!
Mitch made it just in time for Macey and Brian's wedding dinner.
They looked so happy and beautiful on their wedding day.
Next was my best friend Martha's baby shower. She is going to be the cutest mom to the most adorable little girl!
We also went down to the ranch for a few days...
Where we had our 2nd year anniversary!!
Mitch and Diva having some serious girl talk.
We went on a hike to beautiful Phelps Lake near Jackson Hole
And then jumped off a big rock into freezing freezing cold water. I almost didn't come back up.
Thanks to my mom and dad waiting for 3 hours in line, we got to see the Bar J show and eat a yummy chuck wagon dinner.
Ronnie and Addie fan on a wagon ride. 10 bucks for 1 minute. Worth the picture though.
I love Wyoming!
Looking for the ranch owls.
Gettin ready for school
I might have got 120 mosquito bites after taking these next few pictures, but it was worth it.
Sorry that was all out of order and crazy, but I just had to get it down before I forgot about it!


  1. What a fun summer you had! Great photos! Time flies when you're having fun. Thanks for the shower, it was delightful and perfect. I hope school is going well. Let's chat soon!

  2. You had WAY TOO MUCH FUN this summer! Time to get serious. :)

  3. Thanks for posting these Kels! We're so glad we got to see you!awesome pics of Richard at the ranch!

  4. That was really six weeks at home? I swear it was six days. It went too fast. I miss doing Zumba with you.

  5. I am glad you had so much fun! Summers really are nice in Utah!! I almost forgot what mountains look like! I love all the pictures, and we miss you like crazy!