Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We had some visitors last week, Dean and Ted, who came to interview with Baylor. I knew the boys from BYU and my good friend Sara is best friends with them. She told me they were coming to interview here so we got it all figured out so they could come stay with us. We showed them a little bit of Houston and we got to have some visitors!
                                  Dean and Ted all ready for their first medical school interview...
We got to talk to Sara who is in D.C. at George Washington on face time. (You can see her little excited face on the phone) I miss Sara so much! We both gave each other tours of our new places and just got caught up. She was wishing the boys good luck on their interviews.
Dean and Ted were so nice and took us out to dinner for letting them stay with us. We were just glad to have visitors. We went to Good Company, a great bbq place in Houston. It is a fun outdoor place and it just feels like Texas.

The next visitors we had were the Maxwells, Mitch's cousins, for the opening BYU football game! We had hamburgers and hot dogs and cheered the Cougs on to victory against Washington.

Bradley and Emmi were so cute. Bradley kept posing for pictures with his little arm around his sister. What a great way to open the football season! Go Cougs!


  1. That is so awesome! It's nice to have a little bit of home whenever you can find it! Visitors always seem to bring a little bit of home, wherever they are from! I love that I could see Sara on the phone! So awesome!

  2. haha! My face in that pic made me laugh way hard! I look like I am screaming!! It was so much fun to see your cute house!

  3. How fun to have familiar faces come to your home. I hope we'll get to visit you sometime too!

  4. I can't wait for our visitors to come in November!